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Login User Pro Nulled This plugin allows administrators to login to the front end as a user. It is useful for websites where the admin user needs to check if a user can see their order(s) correctly, if a form was filled out correctly, or any issues with a user’s personal details, etc. This information will be accessible by the admin user as an external user to reproduce the issue and help the user.

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Login to User Pro Nulled USEFUL PARTAMETERS

  • Login system (Choose Joomla!’s login system). You can choose from K2, ExtendedReg, or core. If you select K2, note that the parameter ‘Enable K2 User Profile’ in K2 settings must be enabled).
  • Multiple Admins can be assigned to User Groups. Select the Admins who are eligible to use the LOGIN / AS USER free download functionality for a particular User Group GPL. (Included in v3.2.0
  • Inform Admin (Send a note to Admin to notify that a user logged into the backend from through Register as User Pro to Get a Free Download plugin).
  • Admin’s Email (Enter Admin’s Email address. Example: [email protected] You can leave the field empty to have the default email used in the global configuration.
  • After login, URL redirect (Insert the URL which will redirect the Administrator in the front-end after you have successfully logged in as an individual User).
  • Displayed Text E.g. Login as %s »… or Login as User »… or Login as Client »… etc. You will notice that the variable “%s” is identical to the Username.
  • Custom CSS Style (Enter your personal CSS style for the ‘Login as User’ text).
Login as User Pro Nulled Download

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