v3.0 Aimy IndexNow Pro Nulled

Aimy IndexNow Pro Nulled Free Download

Aimy IndexNow Pro Nulled Search engines are notified Information about any new or revised content on your site Automatically. This allows search engines to immediately see the most recent updates on your website. Joomla! Plugin 3 and 4.

Aimy IndexNow Pro Nulled

This Joomla! plugin submits URLs of new or updated content – Automatically and just in the right time to save You can also upload media files.

IndexNow can be used by many search engines such as Yandex and Bing. We use the central API of indexnow.org to submit new or updated URLs. In this manner, All search engines which support IndexNow You will receive an email immediately.

Aimy IndexNow can be set up quickly and easily In less than 2 minutes, your device is ready to use.

Aimy IndexNowPRO allows you to specify which content types should be managed. Joomla! is supported by the free version. articles.

Aimy IndexNow Pro: Free Download If there is any new content, we will notify you. CreatedExisting content can be regarded as Updated Content Changes its status It should be made public. If the content isn’t available yet, there will not be any notifications. Removed Oder, unavailable.

Aimy IndexNow Pro Nulled

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