v1.8.5 ochOpenGraph Nulled

ochOpenGraph Nulled

v1.8.5 ochOpenGraph Nulled

ochOpenGraph Nulled Use social media sites like Facebook, Twitter or Linked. Your content will be displayed in a variety of platforms, including Facebook, Twitter and Linked.
What text and images do they show when someone shares your content with them?

Facebook has introduced the Get ochOpenGraph for Free. Meta-tags can be added to your article/blog source code using this protocol. Facebook can use these meta-tags to tell them what your article is about. They also provide information such as the image you want, the URL, author and who the author is. These meta-tags are used by Facebook to show your article on their platform.
This protocol has been adopted by Google+ and Linkedin. Twitter introduced its own ‘protocol’: TwitterCards.

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You can use this content plugin to help you Get the best out of your content You can use these Social Media platforms to automatically implement the OpenGraph protocol, TwitterCards and other:
– Joomla! articles,
– JCal Pro (Events),
– K2 Items,
– Easyblog Entry pages,
– FocalPoint Location maps,
– ochGotNews news items,
– and (new in version 0.3.2) YooTheme Zoo blogs / pages!

Twitter Cards, OpenGraph protocol and GPL can both be used. Any Joomla! allows you to create pages manually Module HTML Custom!

We are so grateful for all of your help. Simply amazing. If this plugin was good before, now it’s amazing. This plugin now has more features and can be used on any website that uses social media. This plugin is unlike any other Joomla component on the market. There is no other, because I have seen them all, bought some and otherwise I have asked and their developers simply tell me: you can not do this, you can not do that, no it’s not possible. But ochOpenGraph does everything a site needs to really stand out on the web” – 0.3.0 Tester

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Get it now You Decide which image you want to use and what title, description, and caption to share. The image resolution is too low to use on other sites, such as e.g. Are you using Facebook or Twitter? You don’t have to worry about the quality of your image. If it is not sufficient, you can always use a configurable fallback image. A custom image can be selected per article. This is an image that you choose to replace the article’s image. You can also share professional images on social media platforms such as e.g. Facebook with the title and or author avatar in the image: this will not show in your article but only on the Social Media platforms… You can configure to use the custom image for all authors or only a select group (acl) of authors: That is just awesome!

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v1.8.5 ochOpenGraph Nulled

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