v1.3.11 WooCommerce Smart Pack Nulled

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WooCommerce SmartPack Nulled This plugin allows merchants implement a wallet system and reward customers or refund them. It also lets them sell unlimited gift cards products online. This feature is grouped in four extensions. The extensions include WooCommerce WalletsWooCommerce refundsWooCommerce Reward  WooCommerce Gift Certificates. You can enable or disable each of these extensions depending on the features you need.

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WooCommerce Gift Certificates Merchants can sell unlimited amounts of gift cards on their websites. Any WooCommerce product can be converted into a gift-card product using this extension

WooCommerce Wallets Merchants can run an electronic commerce wallet. The wallet system allows your customers to deposit funds upfront and then use those funds to purchase items on your site.

WooCommerce refunds Merchants can refund customer orders. The wallet extension supports this feature.

WooCommerce Rewards lets merchants reward customers for every order. The merchant can set the price at which they will reward their customers for every purchase. The wallet extension works perfectly with this extension.No cost WooCommerce SmartPack

Get the WooCommerce SmartPack Nulled

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