v1.1.16 WooCommerce Free Shipping Bar Increase Average Order Value Nulled

WooCommerce Free Shipping Bar Nulled

A website’s sales growth and website traffic is crucial for any online business. Customers who make a purchase often get free shipping. WooCommerce Free Shipping Bar Nullifies Average Order Value

WooCommerce-Free-Shipping-Bar-Increase-Average-Order-Value-v1.1.16 -Download.zip

WooCommerce Free Shipping Bar Adds to Average Order Value Nulled

To receive shipping free of cost, support users can find out how much they must purchase.

Mobile version works! You can activate/deactivate this plugin from desktop or mobile.

Detect User’s IP to get the shipping method of their country.  The plugin will detect customers’ countries base on their IP Address and display free shipping bar respectively with that shipping zone at country level.

* Note: This option can be applied to detect in the country level, not working for states or provinces and regions within a country.

An adjustment progress bar with background colors will display: Text color, background color progress bars, background-color current progress bars, background-color progress bar and font family.

There are three styles available for the Progress Bar.

There are 2 options to position the progress bar.

Current percentage of Enable/Disable

System for custom message announcement, messages purchased, success, and error.

Initial delay and time for display.

Keep an eye on the progress bar.

You can enable hidden progress bars from certain pages.

FAST. Ajax Technology powers the progress bar. This bar displays the progress information when the customer clicks on the “Add to Cart” button. It does not require reloading of the webpage.Get WooCommerce Shipping Freebies to Increase Your Average Order Value

It is simple to use

WooCommerce Free Shipping Bar. Increase Average Order Value. Nulled Demo

WooCommerce-Free-Shipping-Bar-Increase-Average-Order-Value-v1.1.16 -Download.zip

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