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Droppics Joomla Nulled It is Joomla’s easiest gallery and image manager. Droppics Nulled is a comprehensive solution that allows you to maintain a gallery and a single image on your site.

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Droppics Joomla Nulled The easiest Joomla gallery and image manager. Droppics Nulled gives you a solution for managing gallery AND single images on your site.

You don’t need to enter the component again to edit images. All you have to do is create a photos gallery (1 click), drag-and-drop pictures (1 click) and then insert an image/a gallery (1click).

Droppics Nulled Version 3.2.34

As Droppics Joomla FREE Download It can be fully managed via your editor. The system works on both the frontend as well as backend. The system works quickly, is simple to learn and allows beginners to easily manage individual pictures or galleries. Version 3.2: New Droppics GPL offers the most efficient Joomla method to load your images via HTML5 property. This allows you to automatically load the images at the correct size for the screen. (Faster on mobile).

Joomla Image Protection using Watermark Droppics Joomla Nulled Download
  • You can insert one picture, or multiple images in a gallery
  • Multiple gallery levels
  • AJAX Navigation through Gallery Levels Droppics Joomla Nulled
  • With just 3 clicks, you can create a picture gallery and lightbox.
  • Joomla native ACL for restricting access to images/gallery backend right to edit/modify own images or all images…
  • Make a video gallery, and include video between images
  • Frontend ACL can be driven with Joomla ACL. ACL for Joomla category, article, or module
  • Template for frontend categories and image management
  • Six stunning images and themes for gallery pages
  • 1 Slideshow theme advanced with custom text area and WYSIWYG editor. Link on text. Transparent text background. Thumbnail navigation
  • You can choose to display a theme in every image gallery.
  • Drag and Drop pictures to rearrange pictures in your gallery
  • AJAX multi-upload Droppics Joomla free download
  • Scroll endlessly for large galleries to be loaded quickly without slowing down the server
  • You don’t have to use the gallery to make pictures. Just go to the article and then go to the section to add the images.
  • Image effects with lightbox automatic
  • Watermark images
  • Allow uploaded photos to be limited in size and keep the original size.
  • Pre-defined sizes for auto thumbnails
  • Customize the image size that is automatically generated when you upload
  • Without CSS, display customization (rounded corners and shadow effect, margin, etc.)
  • One image droppics Joomla Nulled – Add caption
  • In one click, auto cropping for any image
  • Gallery has been materialized by your editor
  • Restore images from the original photo
  • Gallery views: Add custom link to a single image
  • AJAX fully powered
  • Images can be uploaded to the mobile device folders of iPhone, Android, and Ipad compatible devices
Droppics Joomla Nulled Download

Single image manager main features

  • You can add an automatic lightbox effect
  • In one click, you can add custom size image to original photo
  • Edit online your images: crop, mirror, rotate,…
  • Apply up to 30 advanced effects and filter: contrast, saturation, sepia,…
  • Create internal links to menu items and article selections
  • Droppics Joomla GPL: Add an external link
  • On the customized image that is generated, add a SEO filename, title and image alt
  • Box shadow and radius apply border
  • Image should be left margin
  • You can adjust the photo alignment to be in the center, left or right position
  • You can replace an existing image with another and have the image modified everywhere. This includes thumbnail regeneration.

Image SEO Manager

  • All image file names can be bulk-ajax edited using the Bulk AJAX Edition
  • Bulk AJAX version of all images titles Droppics Joomla Nulled
  • Bulk AJAX Edition of All Image Alternative Text
  • Bulk AJAX Edition of All Image Captions


  • Compatible with any extension that supports content plugin
  • Stackideas Extensions
  • K2 plugin
  • Compatible with Flexicontent
  • Zoo compatible Droppics Joomla Nulled
  • Compatible with any extension that supports content plugin

Droppics Nulled

Droppics Nulled Version 3.2.34

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