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WooCommerce Smart Returner Nulled This eliminates the pain of refunding customers as well as store owners.

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WooCommerce Smart Returner Nulled This eliminates the pain of refunding customers as well as store owners.


WooCommerce smart refunder features

  • Customers have the option to Request a Refund Access My Account quickly and easily from your computer
  • Customer get instant refunds If store owners choose to opt in, and the payment gateway supports that option
  • WooCommerce offers refund request management for store owners. They can be manually processedIf instant refunds are not possible,
  • Shop owners have the ability to Cash refunds and store credit are possible
  • Customer can ask for Full or partial refunds
  • You can review the order and pricing information.
  • It is easy, fast and completely automated

A refund means you’ve lost a customer. Refunds can be a permanent loss.

Digital/Downloadable Products

The refund process for subscriptions or virtual products can be completely automated if you sell them. WooCommerce Smart Returner. Customers may request a return and receive it immediately.
Coupons and Cash Refunds
A new coupon will be emailed immediately if you’ve chosen to offer coupons for refunds and your customers request them.

Product Description

If you are selling physical products, or a gateway that doesn’t support refunds, Smart Refunder Allows customers to ask for refunds through My Account and displays refund requests. WooCommerce. Then, you can process the refunds manually. This allows you to save time as all necessary details are at your disposal.

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The typical refund process

  • Unhappy Customer Support team can be reached via phone, chat or email
  • A customer requests a full refund after providing order/product information.
  • The store owner looks into the request, verifies the order in
  • The customer can ask for more details if the merchant cannot locate the transaction.
  • Once the details of transactions have been verified, the owner logs onto PayPal (or a preferred gateway) website.
  • A store owner finds the transaction and issue refunds. Then, he replies to customers saying that refund has been made

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