Staff Workload for Perfex CRM v1.0.7 Addon

1673111206 Staff Workload for Perfex CRM Addon

Employee Workload Perfex CRM Addon v1.0.7 Free Download Staff Workload Module is a Process of Distributing work among Employees and Monitoring People’s Utilization over time. This module is designed to help ensure the delivery of Work within the set timeframe, while also maintaining a healthy balance between the amount of work each team member does.

The Main Features

  • Time Limit
  • Schedule of each Staff’s Work by Day
  • View Timeline
  • Taskbar update
  • Viewing and editing the task
  • Estimated Hours
  • When you are executing a task, enter the timesheet
  • Allocate Time
  • You can find out more

For Perfex CRM, download the Staff Workload

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