1.9.4 Доставка заказа WooCommerce

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WooCommerce’s all-in-one delivery solution.
Improve the efficiency and satisfaction of your checkout process by allowing your customers to choose their preferred delivery date and time in a smooth and easy-to-understand way.

With Order Delivery, your customers will receive clear notification of the expected delivery date and time of their parcel from a range of possibilities managed by the store owner, including local bank holidays, shipping options and other factors.

Make sure your store can handle all orders by limiting the number of orders per day or time period.

That way you can ship at times that are most beneficial to your customers, making every shopping experience the best it can be.

Display a calendar in the checkout form to select delivery dates.

Select the delivery time period for your orders

Why use Order Delivery?
Display the delivery date selector or estimated delivery period in the checkout form.
In addition to the date, customers can select a range of hours, which will depend on your configuration of daily shipments and the shipping method selected.
Limit the number of orders to be delivered in a day or a time period to prevent work overload and your shipping issues.
Prioritize your orders with a sortable view. Order Delivery Specify the last day you can ship your order to meet your order delivery.
Specify a date when you cannot deliver the order. For example, a holiday or other event.
Disable shipping and/or delivery to a specific country or region for a specific date range.
Categorize your delivery method by delivery range. For example: 1 day, 2-3 days, etc.
Excellent integration with “WooCommerce Subscriptions”.
Automated email notifications, and an admin view of the selected delivery date.
Developer friendly, in case you want to extend or adjust the functionality of the plugin.
Customer-friendly and adaptable to your needs.
There are three main variables that will affect the delivery of your order and these are.

Location: you can filter by country, city or region and modify or avoid your service there.
Delivery Method: our extension supports most WooCommerce delivery methods that you can set. Our extension supports most WooCommerce shipping methods, which you can set up in your store, including “table rate” shipping methods. You can specify these methods for your orders based on location and time of day.
For example, you can only ship on Saturdays using a special shipping method that has an additional fee.
Delivery Customer Preferences. Your customers can choose between an hour and a few days range, which will specify exactly the best time to receive their order. Depending on the shipping time frame and your production time, you will have total information on when the order is due.
Never miss a deadline!
Set a minimum number of days that you need to produce an order and deliver the scope. This will allow customers to start placing orders from your lead time and you will have enough time to stick to your schedule. In addition, the extension will calculate the recommended shipping date for you to deliver the order on time.

In addition, you can sort all orders according to your expected delivery range and prioritize your production process in advance.

Shipping and delivery information in the order list

Finally, the extension allows you to change your settings at any time. As a result, you can be ready for the busiest times of the year, such as Christmas or Black Friday.

All the information your customers need
No more calls or emails from customers asking about order delivery. With order delivery, all emails contain delivery details.

Delivery details in customer emails

WooCommerce Subscription
Order delivery integrates smoothly with WooCommerce Subscriptions, the top plugin for creating products with recurring payments. This allows you to easily manage subscription products and regular products in your WooCommerce store.

The extension will automatically calculate the delivery date and time for each update based on the customer’s preferences.

Template Friendly
Every component of order delivery, including the date picker, adapts to virtually every template and checkout. This will simplify setup and save you valuable time.

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