Parcheesi Ludo v1.1 (Android Studio + Admob + GDPR) App Source

1672933080 Parcheesi Ludo Android Studio App Source Code with Admob and GDPR

Parcheesi Ludo v1.1 (Android Studio + Admob + GDPR) App Source Code Free Download. Ludo Parchis is the Modern edition of Royal Pachisi. A Ludo Game This was a game that was played between Indians and Kings in ancient times. You can reach the Center by rolling the Ludo dice and moving your chips.

Principal Features

  • Admob Advertisement
  • For computers, powerful artificial intelligence
  • Amazing graphics
  • Modes for Computer or up to 4 Players
  • Layered png
  • You can save game progress to your resume
  • Reskin is easy
  • No internet connection required
  • You can find out more

Download Parcheesi Ludo (Android studio + Admob + GDPR)

You can see the demo live: Demo

Parcheesi Ludo free download (Android Studio + Admob + Gdpr) source code from gradle Onc Codecanyon Premium HTML5 Ludo Game App Source Download

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