Multi-Vendor eBook Android App v2.1 (Paid book app, PDF, ePub, Payment Gateway) + Admin Panel + Author Panel Source Code

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Multi-Vendor eBook Android Application v2.1 (Paid Book App, PDF, Epub, Payment Gateway), + Admin Panel + Author panel Source Code for Free Download. To read the Books and more, download Multi-Vendor Android App Magazine online. The app offers many features, including the ability to read the eBook and buy a paid eBook. In Multi-Vendor eBook Android AppYou can purchase paid books through Google In-App Purchase or Razorpay.

Principal Features

  • Check out the Top Categories
  • Most Popular and Top-Reading Books
  • Reading Books
  • Liste of authors, paid books and free books
  • It’s easy to reskin
  • Push Notifications by OneSignal
  • Admob Advertising
  • Support for Night Mode
  • Multilanguage
  • Register with Mobile OTP (Facebook and Google)
  • Purchase Paid Books
  • Google integrated in-app purchase
  • Comment
  • Search Books and Authors
  • Flutterwave
  • Direct download of a free book
  • Profil of the User
  • Screenshot Disable
  • Get Books Offline
  • Beautiful User Interface / UX
  • Sales Report
  • More

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Download multi-vendor eBook app android free (paid app, pdf, ebook, payment gateway) + admin Panel + author panel source nulled download

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