2.6.0 Fonds du compte WooCommerce

Build your loyal customer base by allowing customers to deposit funds into their accounts.
Account funding expansion helps build customer loyalty and recurring business, ensuring that your customers only spend money in your store! You can reward them by offering them exclusive discounts if they use the account funds to pay for it and, therefore, incentivize them to use the account funds. You can reward them by offering them exclusive discounts if they pay using their account funds and, therefore, incentivize their use.

This plugin is adapted to the real mechanism of your store, so it also works for partial payments. Now it’s time to capture and retain the type of customers that will allow you to build a long-term future!

For this reason, you can set and measure the effect of larger or smaller discounts when customers pay with store funds. In addition, by setting a higher minimum recharge amount than your most purchased products, customers will have a greater incentive to spend money in your store. However, you have to be careful, a high minimum amount will discourage your customers from using their account funds.

Get the information you need
Visibility is the key to making the best decisions for your store, which is why we include reports where you can find and filter the information you need to know how much your store is spending with account funds. In addition, you can see each customer’s funds and edit it manually.

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