Extra Product Options Builder for WooCommerce WordPress plugin Free Download

WooCommerce offers additional product options builders that allow you to add extra fields to your product pages

These are the features

  • You have a lot of options
    • Enter text boxAdding one line to your textDemo)
    • Multiple boxesYou can add multiple lines of text to the following:Demo)
    • Radio: Use radio buttons to select from a selectionDemo)
    • Checkbox: Choose one of the options (or many) from a given listDemo)
    • Paragraph: Additional text can be added to the productDemo)
    • Divider: The extra product areas can be separated in separate sections.Demo)
    • Datepicker: Choose a date (from a calendar)Demo)
    • Hidden Field It is possible to enter text in predefined formats (Demo)
    • Color Picker: Choose a color from a dropdown.Demo)
    • Slider: Slider controlDemo)
    • The Button Selector You can choose from several optionsDemo)
    • Switch: Control on/off (Demo)
    • Signature: Sign up controlDemo)
    • Color Swatcher: You can choose from several colorsDemo)
    • Terms of service: You can add the term of service checkboxDemo)
    • Google Maps Use google maps to find your addressDemo)
  • Conditional logic You can hide/show the field by using certain conditions (e.g., when you select a variation or when another value is specified).Demo)
  • There are more than 1500 icons that can be used to decorate your fields Your own images or icons can make your fields stand out and be easy to fill.Demo)

Premium Features

  • You can also get a Premium version with more fields
    • Liste: Add to a list, which the user can increase or decrease (Demo)
    • Group PanelMake sub sections, and then display the sub totals in each section.Demo)
    • RepeterMake a list with fields that are repeatable using buttonsDemo)
    • FTPUpload filesDemo)
    • The Hidden: A hidden field in Hiden that the user cannot see but which can be seen on the order dashboard
    • Image PickerChoose one of the following items (or many) from a selection of imagesDemo)
    • Date RangeYou can create a field which will do calculations for two dates.Demo)
    • Image ConditionModify the product’s image depending upon a condition. (Demo)
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