1.3.6 YITH Custom Thank You Page for WooCommerce Premium

What the plugin does
Customize the “thank you” page that is displayed to customers after completing an order and use it to promote upsell products.

How you can benefit from it.
You can customize the thank you page for the entire store or for individual products.

You can use the thank you page to boost sales to promote upsell products related to the product you just purchased

By letting your customers share their purchases on social networks, you can get indirect advertising for your store and products.

Close your deal with a simple thank you! You won’t believe the results!
They say customers need to be pampered. I’m sure you’re already moving towards this goal in your business, making your users part of it and the value of your business, but there’s one more thing you can do to improve your website. This is just to say “thank you”. When you buy from a store, you usually get a warm and welcoming “thank you” from the clerk, when you might receive a gift, or just a suggestion to look at something else in particular, whether it’s a promotion or a specific event. Why not do the same thing in your e-commerce store and thank each and every user for their purchase? Your customers will surely appreciate this.

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