1.4.15 The Events Calendar for AMP

AMP’s Event Calendar is a compatibility plugin for the popular event plugin called The Events Calendar created by ModernTribe .

This AMP compatibility plugin automatically integrates the calendar pages and event listings with your existing settings and makes them automatically AMP.

Integrating the calendar was a little more difficult than usual, but we wanted to get the same functionality as non-AMP, so we decided to work harder and get it ready for you.

This is the most advanced event management integration for AMP available in WordPress.

Plugin features.
1. Calendar support
People can view events listed on specific dates from the main calendar page

2. Event List Support
Use similar design and settings to display existing events into the AMP version. 3.

3. Integration with existing settings
It will recognize your existing event calendar settings and make them compatible with AMP with proper validation.

4. Plug and Play
There are no bulky options to play with. When you activate this extension, it will automatically add AMP compatibility.

5. Dedicated AMP Support Team
We have a team dedicated to help you with questions about AMP. We will provide good technical support for this product.

6. Continuous development and updates
We will work hard to keep developing this extension and keep releasing updates so that your plugin can continue to work perfectly on accelerated mobile pages.

7. Fully Responsive
We’ve made it look great on desktop and display well on mobile devices as well.

8. AMP Community
We’ve made this extension compatible with other AMP plugins, such as Automattic’s AMP.

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