3.4.2 Ninja Forms Capsule CRM

Increase conversion rates from WordPress to Capsule with forms tailored to your audience. Link form fields to Capsule fields from various modules. Custom fields too!
Linking your WordPress site to your CRM account shouldn’t be a time slot for your team, but it often can be. Take that pain away by easily integrating WordPress with your CRM using Ninja Forms’ official Capsule CRM plugin!

Do you have to maintain custom integrations that take time away from focusing on sales?
Not impressed with your current solution for pulling data from WordPress into your account?
Still manually transferring data between your website and your CRM account?
Ninja Forms’ Capsule CRM extension will eliminate the extra workload and give you time to focus on what’s important: building stronger customer relationships and sales!

Link your WordPress forms directly to your Capsule CRM account
With this extension, your WordPress forms will be able to send data submitted by your customers directly to your account, creating the modules your sales team needs to build the relationships they need. Supported modules are

Your newly created people will automatically be associated with organizations, opportunities, tasks and notes. The custom fields and tags you create in Capsule are also available!

Mapping form fields to Capsule couldn’t be simpler …… or more thoroughly
Sending data to your CRM account couldn’t be easier …… Just set up a form, open your CRM operation, and map each form field to a Capsule field. That’s all it takes!

Capsule provides granular details for each opportunity, note and task. Each of these modules contains additional levels of detail that can also be mapped to form fields with a single mouse click. Easily collect static data as you set it up or dynamic data as the user enters it for each!

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