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About Easy Digital Downloads User History
If you don’t know anything about how your customers navigate your website, the User History plugin is the beacon you’ve been missing.

How much do you know about your customers?

Do you know the exact path your customers took through your site before they made a purchase?
Do you know how they found your site?
Do you know how long they waited to finally gain the necessary confidence to give you their hard-earned money?
Do you know how much they’ve paid over their lifetime as a customer?
With the User History add-on, you can learn all of this!

Learn and improve your customer experience
This add-on makes it easy to view and optimize visitor paths, taking all the guesswork out of improving the sales process and increasing conversion rates. Plus, it’s fun to see where visitors are viewing your site before they decide to take action.

Know your main referral sources and the search terms customers use to find your site (if available). Discover which pages your customers view most often before closing the sale. Figure out how effective that email campaign really is!

Simple and effective
Absolutely no configuration required. When you activate this add-on, it automatically starts tracking your customer’s browsing history as part of their completed purchase. You can view this history by navigating to the Order Details page, which is located in Downloads > Payment History. In addition, you can search your payment history for pages that appear in the customer’s browsing history.

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