Blogger Videos Channel v1.0 – Blogger API v3 App Source

Blogger Videos Channel Blogger API App Source

Blogger Videos Channel v1.0 – Blogger API v3 App Source Code Free Download. Blogger Videos Channel displays posts and Contents on Blogger Site using Videos Application Use this template format. The application loads Blogger Labels, Posts, and Shows in beautiful and elegant Layouts as Video Applications. It runs on Android platform. Built using Android Studio and Java Programming Language.

The Main Features

  • JSON Format
  • Multiple API keys available for Blogger
  • Using Blogger API v3
  • Bottom Navigation
  • You can send a notification to open specific videos
  • Splash Screen
  • YouTube Android API Player
  • In App Review
  • 6+ Ads Networks: Unity Ads. AppLovin. Facebook
  • HTML iframe TAG
  • Google ExoPlayer
  • FCM and OneSignal Push notification
  • Configured in a few minutes
  • Dark theme
  • The Shimmer Effect of Refresh
  • Swipe for Refresh
  • More

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Free download Blogger videos channel – Blogger API v3 application source code by solodroid on Codecanyon premium Blogger videos channel app download.

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