Adjustly Collapse WordPress plugin Free Download

This plugin was developed internally to adjust our theme. It allows authors to attach 2 html objects and create triggers. The contents of the target will be revealed immediately after you click the trigger.

Test the Demo

Check out our examples to see what an Adjustment Collapse default installation could do for you.


This is the basic structure, without CSS.

<a class="aj-collapse" rel="myslidingcontent">trigger</a>
<div class="aj-hidden" id="myslidingcontent">target: this content is hidden by default</div>

The trigger in the example above is the href elements, while the goal is the the div element. You can choose any element to be your target.


The target and trigger pair must have the same label to ensure that they know which goal is being extended or broken. You must use the same title for your rel trigger tag and the I.d tag to indicate the goal. It is important to ensure the I d and rel tags for any topic or blog that you intend to contain multiple collapsible components are distinct.

Class names

  1. The trigger must always have class name: class=”aj-collapse”
  2. The target may have two classes: class=”aj-hidden” will cause the target to collapse as a default, and class=”aj-visible “will normally display content, but allow the viewer to collapse it.


You cannot have the trigger and the goal side-by-side. It is possible to position the target in the middle of an article, or even inside it. This feature can also be used to collapse widgets by theme developers.

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