Address Bar Ads WordPress plugin Free Download

Advertisement for Address Bar A new plugin that lets you insert messages to the address bar of your site and make them an advertisement box. Pretty simple to use –just pick the letter, pages and posts you want it to appear on, Destination URL and you’re done. Your messages will be displayed in the Pages/Posts Address (URL bar) when they are enabled. When enabled, your messages will be displayed in the Pages / Posts Address (URL) bar.

What is the best way to use Address Bar Ads?

How can you bring Mojo to your site? It’s great for:* Integrating affiliate links and products into your address bar* Communicating with your users through your address bar Use it to promote a product or service, post or article, or even a winning competition–this plugin will help make your website more fun and interactive!

These are the features

  • Facilitation and intuitive interface
  • You can place up to three ads per page on your website (one ad each).
  • 20 featured icons spark Make your message more prominent.

Coming Soon

    • Additional ads

    • Different ads per page / post
    • You can control the speed of your ads and how long they take to load.

Other link keys

You would like to receive regular updates via additional link keys You can check out AddressBarAds Additional contributors are eLuminous Technologies

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