AdDefend Easy Integration WordPress plugin Free Download

AdDefend has been the world’s leading adblock advertising solution since it was created in 2015. AdDefend is the world’s leading anti-adblock advertising solution. Publishers are able to reach the maximum potential of their network with the AdDefend anti–adblock program. Our ad restoration service provides complete predictability and helps publishers get the most out of their network. Publishers can increase their sales by reactivating 21 percent previously lost inventory. This portal gives publishers direct, central access to their reports as well as the ability to track and report on their campaigns. AdDefend was already used by 150 premium publishers.

AdDefend Easy Compatible Plugin allows word press websites to install AdDefend within seconds. You only need to configure it once using AdDefend’s parameters and do the rest.


  • WordPress runs on Apache Server
  • The Rewrite module It is turned on
  • WordPress grants you write rights .htaccess Save as
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