Add Widgets to Page WordPress plugin Free Download

You can add widgets to pages and posts by adding widgets such as sidebars.

You can place a shortcode[ addw2p name=#8221;] To use it, click on eny entries You can replace your name with any word of your choosing.

Use only the numbers and alphabet. Do not use spaces. Spaces are not allowed. You can’t delete it with this app. You can replace any spaces that you’ve used on the name spot by clicking on the button in your settings page. You can use this button to convert spaces to lower scores and delete it.

This will create a new area on the widget page called addw2p & #8211; name where you can drag your widgets.
Refresh the widgets page if nothing appears.

Notice: Sometimes you may need to refresh the page several times.

The plugin will work once the area is visible below the sidebar.
To change the widgets that are showing, go to Appearance-> Widgets and edit the sidebar.

Go to the settings page, check which names you wish to remove and then click the Delete button.

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