Add To Menus Lite WordPress plugin Free Download

Add to Menus provides a fast connection to your WordPress Admin bar to add a link to a menu item to the post & page you are looking to.

A new post is needed and the link to it from your menu.

It usually takes several steps to do this: creating a new post, returning the page manager, creating the menu and selecting the correct post.

It’s easy to add menus. Now, there’s a new menu on the administration counter, and you can click on’ Attach Menus.’ Select the menu to which you would like to connect and voila! You’re finished.

The main features are available for free

1. Pages and post are not supported.
2. Hidden user functions Custom menu items
3. You can use it to support a href

Version Pro Main Features


>Buy Pro version Only $10

1. This can be used to create post/pages, pages and categories.
2. The WPML.
3. The software supports. Software supports wooCommerce.
. Integrated with Uvermenu

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