Add to Cart Button Custom Text and Color WordPress plugin Free Download

WooCommerce is one of WordPress’s most common plugins and the best e-commerce solution. So the purchase button has the same text as the default, but you can change woocommerce easily by using the plugin to add text to cart, background and color text.


  • Users can easily change the ‘ Add to Cart ‘ icon with the archive and single product page option. You have other options.
  • You can change the color of your woocommerce icon at any time.
  • You can change the color text of the Woocommerce button by clicking on it.
  • ASCII Support
  • Unicode Character Get Support
  • HTML5 Special Characters Get Support
  • There are many icons that you can use from your plugin or theme, such as FontAwesome or Bootstrap.
  • Emoji Get Support
  • WPML Compatibility

You can easily change the text of the ‘ ADD TO CART ‘ button in Woocommerce and change the color of the background and text.

Modifications for Plugins

Module settings in the admin region, woocommerce-> WooCommerce buttons can be found.

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