add-rel-lightbox WordPress plugin Free Download

WordPress plug-in to add rel=”lightbox “attribute automatically in WordPress posts for wrapped images.

You can enable lightbox and slimbox on your site as part of the subject matter, or through a plugin. If either the lightbox or the add-on lightbox is not enabled at any time, your site will gracefully revert to the standard ‘ open picture as new page.’

The plugin currently works only on images put in posts using the dialogs “connect media” and only for images in your media library. It will not affect images with attributes.

Also works well with Add-Rel Lightbox

shortcode, adding the rel=”lightbox” attribute to links created by it. Notably, you’ll need the

Layout or pick “Photo File” when the lighbox gallery is inserted to work according to standards. Gallery connections to attachment tabs are not affected by this plugin.

With the use of rel=”lightbox, “this plugin can retrieve the media library caption for images and escapes any html entities correctly, so that the title is shown in the lightbox as anticipated.

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