Add Metadata WordPress plugin Free Download

The plugin adds meta tags to every post on your site. It includes title, description, image, author and post URL. This information is shared via social media and search engines recognize the post. Also, if you don’t have a featured image on your post it will require a default metadata image that can be set via the settings page. Although meta tags from the front end cannot be seen, they can still be accessed via source. SEO and Google Page Rank (Search Engine Optimization), are both very relevant meta tags.

These are the main characteristics of metadata addition:

  • You can automatically get post-title, description, image author, URL, site name, and you can use them as meta-tags.
  • Allows us to define the default metadata image which can be used in case there isn’t a function image within the article.
  • Let’s customize the css/js codes.

PS: To use the API key and Serial keys, you don’t need them. Adding meta data can be done for free.

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