Add image to Post WordPress plugin Free Download

The WordPress plugin Add Image to Post allows you to insert images from external links to your posts. It searches for images on the Internet and adds them to your post as featured images. Once the plugin is activated, it only triggers the image after loading your articles page (single), instead creating a custom field with the name “gc thumb” and providing you the full url for a new image position on your server. For further details, go to http:/

It is recommended that you fit WordPress Autoblog blog, such as Autobloggeg (or WPRobot)

  • As you create your post, add an image.
  • Insert an image from an external link to your post (Great for Autoblog Website).
  • Scanning your post content for external links. Take the best picture from that website, and then add it to the upload folder.
  • It works well for Autoblog WordPress blogs such as Autobloggeg, WPRobot.
  • You can use the custom fields on WordPress to locate a photo of external websites.


How can I insert an image into a loop

Your theme may already show featured photos in loops, such as search and tags. It can be set up immediately and installed.

How to insert featured image into loop (index page search page tags search page etc.

if(has_post_thumbnail()) {

Give size (usually, you can set thumnbail size in your WordPress Settings => Media => Thumbnail size)

} ?>

Use get_post_meta

A new Post Meta is automatically created by the Add Image to Post plugin: gc_thumb

if(get_post_meta($post_id, “gc_thumb”, true))
$gc_img_link = get_post_meta($post_id , “gc_thumb”, true);
echo ”;

Post Tagged with : autoblog. image. post.


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