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Blog administrators may not want to give access to anyone if the WordPress MU update is using LDAP, or another external authentication mechanism. Ordinary means an email needs to be sent and, depending on whether the user exists still in WordPress, a password has to be set. However that’s not very meaningful. Users do not need local passwords, they don’t have to check their email addresses, and whether a user already exists or not shouldn’t really matter.

The Dashboard Users plugin creates an entry in the Dashboard Users section. This allows blog directors to enter their username and pick a position to access the new entry.

A WordPress MU administrator can choose from many options.

  • “Menu item label” allows you to designate a specific item label that appears in User’s portion. You may prefer to use “Add Foo University User” if you use the plug-in at Foo University, for example. Administrators of sites should encourage site administrators to make use of the plug-in, instead using the user management tool with custom text.
  • “Username Definition” allows you to insert a different label for a username field in the blog admin form. Again, the Foo University might use a “Foo LoginID” form.
  • “Email address domain” is what the plugin’s DNS domain name will be used for generating user email addresses provided by WordPress. Foo University can use the term “” to create a WordPress account with “[email protected]” as its email address for someone with username joeschmo.
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