Add Chat App Button WordPress plugin Free Download

You can add your own WhatsApp chat button to the Add Chat App plugin.
You can choose from a simple WhatsApp icon or a rectangular with text labels (see screenshots).

To activate the WhatsApp icon, check the first box on the Settings page. In the admin dashboard menu, you can find the settings page, under Settings->Add Chat App Button.

You will need to enter an international telephone number in order to activate the WhatsApp button. Only numbers are allowed, no dashes (-)).. Even if your settings are saved in the database, you may have trouble activating your button.

The settings page of the plugin has two tabs: “General setup” and “Project button.”

The General Settings tab provides choices such as limiting the button to a pixel view, inserting a standard message to the user’s phone when they click on a button, and more.

You will find button colors controls and color text labels in the button tab. A button design tab includes a live preview of a smartphone model that you can use to visualize how your button will look when it is changed.

It detects when a user is on a computer or mobile phone and provides a connection.

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