Add authors not users WordPress plugin Free Download

Users can attach Guest Authors ‘ names to posts and pages with “Attach Authors Not Users” without having to add them as a registered user.

WordPress configuration allows visitors to post. However, this is not a common practice. Names can be time-consuming and cumbersome.

First, users must include the guest author in their account as a user. Also, make sure to add his / her email so that he/she has all the permissions. Only then will the author be recognized. If you have many guest posts, registration can take some time.

With this WordPress plugin, everything is made easy. The plugin adds a guest author section to your dashboard. Here the author’s name can be entered. Name.

Common posting name.

The plugin inserts the author box in the WordPress dashboard to change the guest author’s name.

Description: You can add the name and email address of guest authors to your account without creating a brand new user.
This plugin adds a metabox in the guest author’s name area to the post dashboard.

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