Acurax On Click Pop Under WordPress plugin Free Download

On the plugin clickpop, Acurax allows administrators to set up a selection of website urls. This will appear on visitors’ screens as a dropdown.

One Quick View

★ You can configure multiple URLS

★ Random URL is picked up and opened as Pop Under

★ Cookie Controlled and Will Only Open Once per Session

★ Can Configure Cookie Timeout

★ Automated Integration

★ It is easy to configure

The cookie will be opened only once per session. The cookie can be set to a timeout.

Clicking on the visitor to open Pop Under will cause Plugin to save a cookie so the popunder does not reopen after the timeout is reached.

To illustrate, let’s say we set the timer for cookies at 60 minutes. The visitors then click on Pop Under. This won’t open again for the next 60 minutes once it’s done.

Acurax OnClick Popunder Premium Edition was developed by Acurax International and offers more functionality and performance improvements. Contact us for assistance.

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