ACTUS Xfields WordPress plugin Free Download

You can add custom data to your site.

You can create custom fields to your pages, posts and global options on your site. ACTUS Xfields This tool allows you to create any number of fields and then assign them pages, posts, or administrative screens. This allows editors to easily insert additional content or change options that affect your website’s appearance and functionality.

What are custom fields and why do you need them?

When editing a blog post, the user has the option to enter additional data such as title, text and image tags. These data can be stored in special fields if you wish to allow users to add more information, like a subtitle or a second picture.

Editing an article is another example. If you want the editor to easily change an image from a page template that has a unique background or banner, then you will need to use customized fields.

ACTUS Xfields allows you to easily create and edit custom field sets.


  • Drag & Drop editor for simple fieldset creation
  • Pages and posts can be added to with fieldsets based upon a variety of parameters, such as tag, template, parent, categorical, or tag.

    To generate global variables, add fieldsets on any administrative screen

  • Add a custom page for your website’s options.
  • Hidden any administrator or wordpress item.

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