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Every item you place on your site should be animated

You can set up a timeline to move any page element. ACTUS Motion It is an exclusive feature that lets you bring life to your websites. The technical timeline allows you to set the pace and parameters for your motion. Animation can start when the page loads, the item’s display on the screen following scrolling, or the item is clicked on or hovered on.


  • MOVE, ROTATE or SCALE any feature on the screen.
  • For each track, there is a separate timing.

    You can drag the motion tracks to alter the animation’s time.

    Each motion track can be customized with parameters.

  • You can animated elements IN and OUT of their original positions.
  • You can zoom in and out of the timeline.

    Click here to add a new motion item Button ADD ITEMS.
    In the field, enter the I d (or class name) of the element ELEMENT (e.g.’ #example’ or’.example’).
    Choose the start event Page load, scroll Show, Press, Hover
    You can choose to move the animated element out of its original position. Move OUT.
    Pick a track Motion (move,zoom, rotate, fade, blur).
    Click here to add the motion song to your timeline ADD MOTION button.
    It can be adjusted start timeDrag the track.
    It can be changed durationMove the right edge to the motion line.
    Click on the icon to the right of the motion path to open the parameters.
    You can include as many motion tracks as you wish.
    You can save changes by saving the article or post.

    You can now preview your post / page and see the motion you’ve added.

    On our website ACTUS Motion More information will be provided about setting up the plugin.

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