ACTUS Animated Words Slider WordPress plugin Free Download

A unique effect image slider.

An elegant animation that combines words with images. Slider with animated words by ACTUS It’s more than just another image slide. With hundreds of choices, you don’t have to have trouble. For each of your posts, a special, animated slider is automatically created using your text’s most-used words and all of your post’s photos. You can upload additional images, such as the image you want to add, any images included, all images in the content and galleries, or the image that is featured. It creates a beautiful animated slide that zooms in and rotates images, overlays animated text from your text and places animated words between them.


  • Each post has a unique slider
  • Live preview.
  • Take a look at your content, and eliminate the words that are most frequently used.
  • You can view all images used in the post, including gallery images and attachments.

    The text and images in your content are used to create an automated slider. The edit page / post option allows you to customize the slider settings for each page or post.

    The shortcode can be used without parameters to use settings from the edit page / post. You also have the option of providing parameters that override these settings. You can specify any number of parameters, such as [actus-awslider height="400" words="off"] You can use it.
    These are the available shortcode parameters

  • height–height of the slider–number in pixels
  • words–toggle animated words on or off–on / off

    density–density of animated words–1/50

  • speed–speed of animated words–0.1/6.0
  • –the target element you want to attach to the slider–selector string
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