Active eCommerce Wholesale (B-B) Add-on v1.1 – Module

1673211418 Active eCommerce Wholesale B B Add on Download

Active eCommerce Wholesale (B-B) Add-on v1.1 – Module Free Download. The Active eCommerce Wholesale Add-on B-B is only available for Active eCommerce CMS. The Addon offers Wholesale functionality for eCommerce CMS. Admins can create wholesale products and set prices according to quantity. You can purchase wholesale products in large quantities.

Principal Features

  • Installation is simple
  • Establish a wholesale price
  • Administrator Options
  • Prices auto adjust based on quantity
  • Sticker Wholesale
  • You can find out more

Buy Active eCommerce Wholesale Add-On (B-B).

You can see the demo live: Demo


Download active ecommerce wholesale module free of charge by activeitzone at Codecanyon Active ecommerce CMS Software Free download

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