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Active Catalog offers industrial B2B businesses a convenient way to organize and display their catalogs, making discovering just what they’re looking for easy for their customers.

Active Catalog imports your product catalogue quickly and creates a page for each product, regardless of how many you have. Use your WordPress website’s free Active Catalog plugin alone or connect it to ActiveConversion to increase visibility into visitor interactions with your products.

Active Catalog was specifically created for B2B industrial businesses. It does not contain any unnecessary features. Active Catalog gives your customers access to brochures, specifications, or any other important documents. Customers can also reach out to you for more information. You want to gain a greater understanding of the business and needs of your buyer. ActiveConversion can be integrated with you to track the pipeline, and alerts when users return to your site or engage with your brand. Since industrial sales cycles are lengthy, ActiveConversion allows you to identify and motivate the potential buyer to buy these downloaded files.

Add a Category

  1. Under the menu, click on Product Catalog -> Category
  2. Click the Add Category button
  3. Type the name and optional image for each category.
  4. Click the “Save” button

How to format a product catalog CSV

The Following Header Titles Should Be Inclusion In You CSV file: commodity, sku, tags, categories, brochures, Different sheets, manufacturer, size, material, principal Photo And Secondary images.

  • Product: Brand Name You can find more information here Be Shown  The Produkt page.
  • SKU: SKU number. Shown  The Produkt page.
  • Tags: Relevant Tags Please see the following: Optimising Suchability And Show more Similar products.
  • Categories: Assignment Category Please see the following: Organisation Improvement And searchability. Categories These are Please see the following:  The Produkt page.
  • Brochures: Brochure ties. We Recomand You can use Uploads This is WordPress content. The Produkt Listing can Be downloaded.
  • Spec Sheets: Hyperlinks You can find more information here Detail Sheets With specifications. We Please suggest You can use Uploads This is WordPress content. The Produkt Listing can Be downloaded.
  • Manufacturer: The product manufacturer. Displayed at the product page.
  • Price: Service price. Prices This is service. Do Not Inclusion The Emblem This is currency. Shown  The Produkt page.
  • Content: The Complete Produkt Beschreibung Is Displayed  The Produkt page. To Change It Appearance  The page, You can Use HTML formatting.
  • Main Image The 1. Photo You can find more information here Be This is what it looks like  The Produkt page. Includes You can find more information at Follow this link You can find more information here The WordPress URL content.
  • Secondary Images Other Photos You can find more information here show. Includes You can find more information at Follow this link You can find more information here The WordPress URL content.

If This article is available in English Region Is Left unpopulated, The Produkt Page Is removed.

Catalogue of Import Products

  1. Log in to WordPress admin
  2. Check out the Active Catalog section
  3. Click here to import a catalog
  4. Click Upload CSV to select the Product Catalog CSV file with the correct header columns.
  5. Check the screen again to ensure that all columns found match correct fields names.
  6. Click on “Continue” when you are done.
  7. The confirmation page will display:
    • The product catalog is about to be imported. We need your confirmation:
    • Import total: 136
    • Items to be made: 89
    • Items to be Updated: 46
    • Do not duplicate items:
  8. To import the catalogue, click on Confirm Import.

You can add individual products

  1. Register with WordPress admin
  2. Check out the Active Catalog section
  3. Select Add New
  4. A product page editor will be available
  5. As you would for a normal word press page, fill in the content.
  6. Publishing the page
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